I'm a student at the University of Missouri studying business marketing and entrepreneurship. I blended my passions of astronomy & art into a jewelry line called Astronobeads. Each handmade piece spreads a different message about our universe. My goal is to have more people “Wearing & Sharing the Love of the Cosmos.”


About Bea

One foot in college and one foot in the business world.



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As a 21-year-old entrepreneur, I wear many hats. My strengths are Marketing, Leadership, Communication, Management, Photography, Customer Service, Business Planning, and Public Speaking. Since Astronobeads launched in April of 2016, I have sold 4,000+ products to over 31 different countries. I generate "buzz" about Astronobeads on social media by engaging with customers, joining forces with influencers in my target market, and my "Where in the World is #Astronobeads?" campaign.

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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
— Carl Sagan

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