Bea is a recent graduate from the University of Missouri where she received her degree in business marketing and entrepreneurship. She blended her passions of astronomy & art into a jewelry line called Astronobeads. Her jewelry line consists of 12 unique products and each handmade piece spreads a different message about the Universe. Bea's goal behind Astronobeads is to have more people “Wearing & Sharing the Love of the Cosmos.”


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One foot in college and one foot in the business world.



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As a 22-year-old entrepreneur, Bea wears many hats running her business. From production, networking, managing, accounting, customer service, and so much more. Since Astronobeads launched in April of 2016, she has sold 9,000+ products to over 33 different countries. Bea and her AstronoTeam generate "buzz" about Astronobeads by engaging with customers in the real world and the virtual world. They have had success spreading the word about Astronobeads by joining forces with influencers in their target market, sending out email newsletters to subscribers, and the "Where in the World is #Astronobeads?" social media campaigns.

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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
— Carl Sagan

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